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Sexy Rosario Dawson takes it in her tight ass

Thursday, September 22nd, 2016

Hot and sultry Rosario Dawson enjoying kinky anal sex on a couch

She may have started appearing on wholesome TV shows like Sesame Street as a kid but feisty Rosario Dawson has grown to be one feisty woman and this hot video unleashed her wild side. Cosplaying as Santa’s naughty helper, she gets dirty on a couch by having that wet twat and tight bunghole plowed rough. She needs no sweets to fill her sack of goodies but this horny jock gave her far more delish snack for her to enjoy and it’s a load of jizz to satisfy her cravings.

Busty Rosario Dawson enjoys white cock

Tuesday, May 17th, 2016

Even though Rosario Dawson got arrested in 2004 while protesting then President George Bush, she was thought of to be one of ’em racist bitches. But in this leaked video, she’s caught red-handed making peace and a lot of it with a horny white man. She’s come to terms dealing with both black and white cock after all and it’s all wild. She likes to tease while getting naked on the bed, touching herself and making her cunt wet. And to prep up her man’s dick, she takes it in her mouth while down on her knees, and deepthroats rough until she gags. The fun doesn’t stop here of course because Dawson plays with fire as hot and as fiery with her black fuck pals as with her white sex boy toys. She’d get her holes stuffed good and hard until she gets all the cum she wanted to taste and swallow. Oh, and to top all these with the best deal yet, she prefers getting her ‘hobbies’ recorded for future use and how useful it is to us horny men in need of a quick fix for those throbbing sticks inside your pants, eh?

Rosario Dawson sprayed in wild interracial sex

The Truth About Rosario

Friday, June 18th, 2010

rosario dawson sex

Rosario Dawson is this exotically stunning actress, who has a built in resourcefulness to her. She is of Puerto Rican, Afro-Cuban, Irish, and Native American descent. She obviously acquired the best-looking genes from her multi-ethnic heritage. When she was sixteen, she was discovered sitting on her front porch in New York City and asked if she wanted to be in a movie.

rosario dawson fucked from behind

What sets her apart is her gritty, powerhouse talent that makes her stand out from among her peers. She also has this extraordinary sex appeal that makes her seem so fuckable! Another lesser known fact about Rosario Dawson is that she’s  a big fan of the Star Trek franchise, and could speak in broken Klingon language.

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Rosario and her smokin’ nude pictures

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

Just when you thought that Rosario Dawson does all of her nude scenes only in the big screen, think again! It was only recently that somebody had leaked these steamy nude pictures of hers and it looks like these images were not part of any movie she has done in the past and these may have been personal copies that went astray and now we managed to gather each and every one of them and saw to it that we compiled them in one nifty photo set for you to see a very different Rosario Dawson and this time you get to see fully naked from head to foot!

Savor this Hollywood babe’s luscious pair of tits and that sweet pussy as she poses seductively from different angles giving you a better view of her gorgeous body that you don’t get to see in full detail on the big screen. You might as well stop drooling and visit Rosario Dawson Nude right now to see more of our goodies we have in store for all of you.